Thursday, 7 February 2013

I'm Here to Stay

So here's my second post :).
 I thought as it is a street-style blog, i should probably put some outfits which myself and my friends have worn.

Rock chic/Filled with Dark Colours.     
 I love wearing long, over-sized tops with no sleeves, it makes the outfit look very casual, yet cool at the same time. The fact the top has a pattern(peace sign) on it gives it an edge and stand out, without trying too hard. I think adding more tops and accessorize to the outfit, can make the outfit feel to busy and overdone, instead having a simple top with a design. 
Less is More...... well in this case.
Topshop, peace sign top-£7 :O BARGAIN.
Topshop black jeans-£20
Simplicity/Casual&cool Tyra.
This top has a collar which to be honest i never usually wear, however the top looks so individual and different, i had to buy it. The section of lace of this top adds a classic style to my outfit which i love. I think adding a piece of jewellery really finishes off the outfit, I often like to wear my favourite two necklaces. The fact that the necklaces are so colourful and bright, they stand out..... Now I believe standing out is always good.
Ignore my whole face.   Ignore the messy room.
  Pull&Bear classic white top-£12.99
Aldo boots-£81
Favourite necklaces:-African necklace-£4
                                        -TattyDevine necklace-perfectGIFT
 Love the mix of different colours and patterns/Cuties/Gorgeous Girls.
MIDDLE: - River Island Skirt-£15 :O
FAR RIGHT: -Topman-Shirt
                                                                               -New Look-Tights


Well hope you have enjoyed my second post. There will be many more to come, so keep an eye on my blog ;). 
Tyra xxx