Friday, 17 May 2013

You've been so good to me

Bunched with Boldness

 I haven't written a post in literally 2 months 3 weeks and 4 days :o .
Opps, I've been incredibly busy. As you know i'm only 15 years old and at school in my most hectic year, year 11! I've had more exams then i have fingers on my hands... I know that's A LOT of exams.
Which means that  I've been unable to post recently. :( Sorry.

Anyway here are a few outfits i love which pop out with a unique style. Here's what my friends wore on our non-uniform day.

School/Street Style

A light, large and comfy jacket is always essential when going out. It works really well with the simple colour, black. The contrast in colours of cream and black means the outfit bounces out to the public looking simple and stylish. Gorgeous!

This casual, yet funky and fresh outfit stands out. Denim really suits the patterned jumper, and equals out the different styles which have been mashed together within the outfit. Trendy!

I've enjoyed school/street seeing throughout the last few months. However I'm excited to see more stylish outfits, I cannot wait. Keep on checking my blog, HONEST, i will do more frequent posts. :)

Tyra xxx