Monday, 25 February 2013

I am the ring leader, of my own circle

Packed with Patterns

This month has been incredibly busy for me. Revision, revision and more revision.
 It may be hard to believe but somehow i fitted in a trip to the Saatchi gallery with some friends. Thank God.
Here's some outfits that i love and admire,  which i was able to see on my street-style search and Saatchi gallery trip.

Bright colours in the winter/spring.

You always need a stand-out piece of an outfit, and this jacket is definately it. The continuous pattern of zig-zagged  diamonds is gorgeous against the subtle mix of dark, deep colours. Cant take my eyes off it!

Patterns from every direction, which all compliment each other exceptionally. Its a lovely, cute and casual outfit which you can wear all day. Gorgeous!
Simple, plain colours do look good... on the right person. I like how this outfit looks really cool but stands out. You can wear it any day and anywhere.

I think my trip was a success.  I enjoy street-style and i cant wait to search for more outfits in the future. Keep on checking out my blog.

Tyra xxx


Thursday, 7 February 2013

I'm Here to Stay

So here's my second post :).
 I thought as it is a street-style blog, i should probably put some outfits which myself and my friends have worn.

Rock chic/Filled with Dark Colours.     
 I love wearing long, over-sized tops with no sleeves, it makes the outfit look very casual, yet cool at the same time. The fact the top has a pattern(peace sign) on it gives it an edge and stand out, without trying too hard. I think adding more tops and accessorize to the outfit, can make the outfit feel to busy and overdone, instead having a simple top with a design. 
Less is More...... well in this case.
Topshop, peace sign top-£7 :O BARGAIN.
Topshop black jeans-£20
Simplicity/Casual&cool Tyra.
This top has a collar which to be honest i never usually wear, however the top looks so individual and different, i had to buy it. The section of lace of this top adds a classic style to my outfit which i love. I think adding a piece of jewellery really finishes off the outfit, I often like to wear my favourite two necklaces. The fact that the necklaces are so colourful and bright, they stand out..... Now I believe standing out is always good.
Ignore my whole face.   Ignore the messy room.
  Pull&Bear classic white top-£12.99
Aldo boots-£81
Favourite necklaces:-African necklace-£4
                                        -TattyDevine necklace-perfectGIFT
 Love the mix of different colours and patterns/Cuties/Gorgeous Girls.
MIDDLE: - River Island Skirt-£15 :O
FAR RIGHT: -Topman-Shirt
                                                                               -New Look-Tights


Well hope you have enjoyed my second post. There will be many more to come, so keep an eye on my blog ;). 
Tyra xxx