Monday, 28 January 2013

Number 1


I'm Tyra, and today i have started my first ever fashion blog. :O For a while i have wanted to start something fashion inspired, and this is the best way i can express and show this. 
This street-style blog will be filled with pictures and videos of my outfits, friend's outfits and anyone who i find outfits. :/ I cant wait to show everyone my findings in London-town. 
However the person who told me about blogs was in fact Ronan Mckenzie. <-- Check out her blog.

Well maybe i should tell you that i love fashion and art, at the moment, i'm studying my GCSE's  which include textiles and art (my favourite subjects :)). Therefore this may be why i'm so into street-style. Seeing all the different outfits which people all over London wear is truly incredible. 
Urban, fun and individual clothing are three words which i use when describing outfits i like on other people and myself. The places where i enjoy to shop or look for fascinating outfits are; Camden, Topshop, Pull&Bear, Forever21,  the list is ongoing.
I am excited to let others see my street-style blog, maybe even my sisters/brothers will :O 
Cruz, 3 years old.
Angel, 2 years old.

Luis, 1 years old.
Aimee, 1 years old.

Aren't they the cutest? :D

Well Enjoy,
Tyra xxx